Damp Proofing


Damp Proofing

Rising damp and penetrating damp is can cause great harm to your property as well as posing a health risk. We offer expert damp proofing treatments in Sussex and can diagnose the problem by undertaking a rising damp survey. We will then recommend a course of treatment to fix damp issues permanently. We can treat any damp issues you may have through our damp proofing treatments, including dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm treatment. If any damp issues are evident in your property, it’s time to call in the experts to eradicate it as soon as possible. Damp can lead to black mould, which is something that must be avoided at all costs.

Types of Damp Issues

Rising damp is caused by moisture below the wall, usually from the ground that is pulled into the material. It often comes from a failed damp proof course which has deteriorated over time or has been incorrectly installed. Another structure, such as steps that have been damaged, can allow the damp to be carried into the porous walls. Rising damp can also occur when wall construction ages. The bricks become more permeable, developing cracks in the material and creating channels which pull up moisture into the wall. If a wall was constructed badly, or a long time ago, then rising damp can be a real problem.

Penetrating damp is one of the most destructive and invasive problems you can encounter in your property. There are different reasons for penetrating damp depending on where it’s located. Roof problems can cause damp spots to appear on your ceiling. This includes broken or missing roof tiles or even burst or leaking pipes in the attic of your property. If you are seeing damp on your walls, this is most likely due to defects in the exterior plaster or brickwork such as the pointing or even an improperly sealed window.

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    We cannot speak highly enough of George and his incredible work ethic, skill and dedication to the job. He worked on a number of indoor and outdoor plastering and rendering projects in our home and the work is of the highest standard. Quick and efficient with incredible attention to detail. He really went above and beyond with everything, from cleaning up each day (I swear he left our property cleaner than when he arrived!), checking we were happy with the work at every stage and being very accommodating and lovely with our two dogs who were desperate to see what he was working on each day.

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    Wonderful service! Very polite hard working and caring man. Plastered our ceiling in one day very good job. Really recommend this company.

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    George at Honest plaster Co re plastered my whole house and done a fantastic Job!! I’ve Recommended George to friends' customers of mine and have heard only excellent feedback. Would highly recommend.

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    George did a fantastic job in our kitchen. He worked really hard and followed up with us even after the work was completed to ensure we were still happy. He took time and did the job patiently and to details. Happy to recommend George, he is a great plasterer.

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